How to Prosper During Bad Times

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Many people often associate economic downturn with lack or absence of opportunities. The truth is – economic recessions – or its uglier cousin economic depressions, are just the perfect opportunities that anyone with vision can take advantage of to become not just rich but filthy rich!

For the record, no less than Warren Buffet (one of Americas richest person alive), built his massive fortune buying businesses and properties that most people had given up as lost. Economic Cycles are periods in history of booms and busts.

Economic cycles are the hallmarks of laissez faire system. Economic cycles behave just like the seasons. And just like the seasons, the climate always changes. And just like the seasons you can predict a downturn or an upturn.


  1. How to Successfully Navigate Your Business through an Economic Downturn.
  2. Understanding the Mortgage Meltdown; What happened and Who's to Blame
  3. Superior Leader - Warren Buffet
  4. Invest In Yourself – Your Career, Future Income Stream, Education And Training
  5. Economic Recession Strategy - How To Keep Your Business Alive During Economic Recession
  6. How to Recession Proof Your Job: Ten Job Secrets for Career Success!
  7. Recession Proof Your Business - Get Bigger Profits
  8. 3 Foolproof Ways To Soar Through A Recession
  9. World Recession now Inevitable - Assume the Crash Position!
  10. Recessions Don't Last Forever!
  11. Investing in a slow market? It’s all a case of demand and supply!
  12. Why Buffett’S Investment Strategy Won’t Work For Buffett Anymore – But For You It Will Still Work! 

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How to Prosper During Bad Times

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